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Lillian speaks with Dr. Enrique Murillo, Professor with the College of Education at Cal State University San Bernardino and the Executive Director of LEAD, Latino Education & Advocacy Days.
The entrance to the newly renovated CIA museum at the agency headquarters in Langley, Va. The ceiling features a variety of spy codes. This one is in Morse Code. The CIA plans to put them all online to see if they can be broken.
Courtesy of CIA
The CIA rarely seeks publicity, but has opened up a bit as it marks its anniversary. Director William Burns told the inaugural podcast that he wanted to "demystify" some of the agency's work.
Digital creator Kyana Sue Powers says residents of Vestmannaeyjar treat puffling season as a regular part of life. "It's just what you do, it's as normal to do as recycling cans," she told NPR.
Kyana Sue Powers
Throwing thousands of baby puffins off a cliff is a yearly tradition for the people of Iceland's Westman Islands. It's part of what's known as "puffling season" and is a crucial life-saving endeavor.
Google's new animation shows a spacecraft knocking your screen off-kilter.
Screenshot by NPR
In celebration of NASA's DART mission, searching for information about it will result in an animation and tipped screen.